The Problem with Vaccines for Children Today

Doctors and Trust

My kids have had their vaccines on the standard schedule. The exceptions are Gardisal (not taken), Rotovirus (hunted down so my child could have it), and flu vaccines (they’ve had them, but not every year).

I am not going to discuss the autism-vaccine link because it has been thoroughly debunked many places, but I can see why parents are starting to push back on vaccines for children. Sadly, it’s because our trust in our doctors and medical care in general has been eroded, badly, over the course of the last 20-30 years.

When most of us were children, our parents could trust their doctors to tell them what they needed to know. Today, doctors have to be so afraid of lawsuits (from patients / parents and from companies) that they are very limited in how much they are willing to discuss / disclose. Can you blame them? Really? I can’t.

We’ve had some really outstanding doctors in my family. In particular, I loved our first pediatrician. He was the best doctor we’ve ever had and I trusted him entirely. He’s the one who helped us get the Rotovirus vaccine for our youngest, a preemie who really needed the extra protection. He recommended the standard shot schedule – and so did another pediatrician that I really respect – so we have stayed with it.

I wish I could say I still trust all of the doctors we’ve had.

Questionable Vaccines

We moved across the country and, sadly, had to leave that doctor as a result. When our older son turned 11 and went in for his 6th grade shots, our pediatrician pushed to have him get the Gardisal vax.

I was told that my 11 yr old son NEEDED it because he might, someday, have unprotected sex and should have it to because, if that happened, the girl / woman MIGHT have the virus, which he MIGHT catch, and MIGHT pass on to another girl / woman – if he had unprotected sex with her! Seriously. That’s the reason the kids pediatrician gave me – and part of the reason they have a new doctor. (He was VERY pushy about it.)

Since he was so adamant, I did some more research and found out that it’s three large, painful shots (compared to other vaccines) and the vaccine is good for several years (one study showed up to 6.4 years), but not for a lifetime (like the MMR shot).

One study in Costa Rica has shown the same protection can be achieved with one shot instead of three. And then there are the more well-known problems with that vaccine, including documented, serious side effects. And another pediatrician I respect is part of a practice that requires 100% vaccinations – but not that vaccination.

Proof enough for me to refuse it, and then some.

My Conclusions

So, as much as I think all the “standard” vaccines (the ones with a decade+ track record) should be done in the recommended time-frame and schedule, SOME of the blame for parents reluctance to simply “do as they are told” ultimately falls on the medical community and bureaucrats for adding on questionable vaccines that ultimately seem to just add money to the bottom line of big pharma.

Over the last 50 years, the number of required / recommended vaccines has skyrocketed. In 1950, a 6 year old had 7 vaccines. In 1974, it was 13. Today, it’s 36. THIRTY SIX. And there are more to be received after that. In some cases, kids cannot attend public school if they don’t receive them!

Again, just to be clear – I don’t agree with skipping core vaccines, including MMR, unless you are one of the tiny minority with a genuine health reason. (Those few are the reason “herd immunity” is so important.) But if you haven’t had to go through all the required vaccines recently, it’s easy to not realize how questionable some of the crap – including vaccines – they are trying to force on parents is, leading to massive distrust.