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The Moderate Mom

It’s not about left or right, IT’S ABOUT OUR KIDS!

Thoughts on Dr. Carson and Race

Personally, I really liked Ben Carson and hoped he would be our next President. I have to admit some of it was because I would love to see someone from my alma mater (Johns Hopkins) other than the embarrassing Woodrow Wilson serve as President. Mostly, though, he is brilliant and as a surgeon he worked [...]

Fainting Hillary: What You May Have Missed

In this video by Zdenek Gazda, there are small details that make it hard to deny that Hillary has a serious, on-going medical condition. It is alarming that Hillary isn't holding up her own weight even in the first frames, but what is even more alarming than the fact that she isn't taken to the hospital [...]

End the zero tolerance policies.

There are very few things were a zero-tolerance policy really makes sense. When the PC-police prevent us from discussing any cultural, ethnic, or racial differences in even the most casual, passing way, they make it worse. It's obvious to even the littlest kid that different people look different. Observing differences isn't judging them. Are we [...]